Successfully selling products online through consulting

Contrary to popular belief, marketing is advertising, not managing customer experience, product, positioning, and sales.

One of the worst marketing mistakes is trying to appeal to everyone. Each business has priority segments, industries and niches. Find and focus on them. How to find them – start with an analysis of the client base, even if it feels, even through R-F-M analysis.

Formulate a clear ICP, the ideal customer profile, and create content for it and adapt the offering. By doing this, you will cease to drain the budget and begin to do campaigns with sniper accuracy.

1. Failure to make emotional contact with your audience.

Instead of preparing a campaign that will reach a large number of consumers, define your target audience, and try to please it.

1.1 Work properly with your audience

Marketing is not just a logical representation of data. You can explain: how good a product is, but this logic is unlikely to stimulate the public to do something. Therefore, it is better to prepare marketing campaigns that are ideally related to the target audience in an emotional aspect.

What you need to do to work with the audience:

  • Define your customers’ expectations
  • Determine how your competitors work
  • Highlight your benefits

Marketing is a competitive field. So, sometimes, you can look at some cool reception from competitors, and there is a temptation to copy it. Unfortunately, this will not only not be able to single out the company in the competitive sphere, but will also strengthen the position of competitors.

2. Ignoring competitors – why is this bad for your work?

Another same erroneous approach in working with competitors is their complete disregard. Like it or not, but they are, so it is important to know what they are doing and how.

Nowadays, the site is mandatory for any business. Therefore, make sure that the company’s website works according to all the latest requirements of search engines: it is quickly downloaded, adapted to mobile devices, it has working forms of applications, etc. It should be remembered: most of the marketing traffic will lead to the company’s website.